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PYE's PLUG_PLAYLISTS.json explained
Although PYE was made to export playlists, you can
export your playlist from other sites like Dubtrack, just as long
as the userscript that generates the .json file follows this convention:
// The JSON file is an object.
// This tells PYE that this is a JSON file that it can use.
"is_plugdj_playlist": true,
// Username, used for exporting.
"userid": "Administrator",
// The playlists object. It currently disallows two playlists of the same name,
// so you need to have your userscript rename playlists with duplicate names to something
// different, e.g. 'stuff' to 'stuff_2'
"playlists": {
// Name of the playlist: Array of playlist items
"Music": [{
// Type of playlist item. 1 = Youtube, 2 = Soundcloud
"type": 2,
// The ID of the playlist item. Youtube ID or Soundcloud ID, depending on the type.
"id": "12345678"
}, {
"type": 1,
"id": "abcdefgh"
"More music": [{
"type": 1,
"id": "abc123jkl"
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