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Last active Dec 10, 2017

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List of things to checkout post-kubecon 2017
  • Bloomberg's powerfulseal is a really nice interactive or automated k8s chaos monkey, which lets you do sensible wargaming
  • Bitnami released the new kube sandbox which spins up a single node "production"-like cluster vs minikube
  • Buoyant released Conduit a more "kube-native" and simpler service mesh than istio. Worth investigating!
  • Linuxkit has kubernetes os images. Here is an indepth article about it.
  • Fluentbit is a much lighter weight version of fluend written in C originally for resource constrained systems.
  • kata containers are VMs with the speed of Containers
  • Having a subscription to Grafana Labs entitles us to Grafana Cloud Enterprise, their onpremise grafana as a service that runs inside Kubernetes
  • operator-kit for building kubernetes operators in golang
  • open policy agent - flexible webhook based policy engine (only edit deployment FOO during work hours kind of flexibility).
  • node-problem-healer - from github used to reboot problem nodes. sophaskins is a dev that will OSS it soon
  • demo magic - A handy shell script that enables you to write repeatable demos in a bash environment
  • kube-arbitrator - for more mesos-like scheduling to k8s
  • The CPU Manager and Device Manager proposals are going well sig-resource-management. We might need to work on some of the DeviceManager bits with upstream.
  • Email Mike Chene @ Splunk regarding the kubernetes dashboard for splunk bits along with fluentbit.
  • We can build cluster deployment like the Digital Rebar folks for provisioning Zero Touch kubernetes clusters
  • Using Sysdig Secure to Secure Pods in the kube-system Namespace - Many good ideas can be taken from this and considered
  • Argo Project - OSS container native workflow engine for kubernetes
  • Contour is an ingress controller using Envoy directly from Heptio
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