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@SF-Zhou SF-Zhou/coroutine.cpp

Last active Sep 26, 2019
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Coroutine Demo (libco)
#include <iostream>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
extern "C" void swap_context(void *, void *) asm("swap_context");
mov 0x00(%rsp), %rdx
lea 0x08(%rsp), %rcx
mov %r12, 0x00(%rdi)
mov %r13, 0x08(%rdi)
mov %r14, 0x10(%rdi)
mov %r15, 0x18(%rdi)
mov %rdx, 0x20(%rdi)
mov %rcx, 0x28(%rdi)
mov %rbx, 0x30(%rdi)
mov %rbp, 0x38(%rdi)
mov 0x00(%rsi), %r12
mov 0x08(%rsi), %r13
mov 0x10(%rsi), %r14
mov 0x18(%rsi), %r15
mov 0x20(%rsi), %rax
mov 0x28(%rsi), %rcx
mov 0x30(%rsi), %rbx
mov 0x38(%rsi), %rbp
mov %rcx, %rsp
jmpq *%rax
struct Registers {
void *reg[8];
} ma, co;
void func() {
std::cout << "Hello Coroutine!" << std::endl;
swap_context(&co, &ma);
int main() {
std::vector<char> mem(4096);
void *stack = (char *)((uintptr_t)(&mem.back()) & ~15ull) - sizeof(void *);
co.reg[4] = (void *)func;
co.reg[5] = stack;
swap_context(&ma, &co);
return 0;
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