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Created November 20, 2020 16:12
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Uploaded via PowerShell
#Define connection string for the database
$cn = new-object"server=$($server);Provider=IBMDADB2;DSN=$($dbName);trusted_connection=true;");
#Define data set for first query
$ds = new-object "System.Data.DataSet" "ds"
#Define query to run
$q = "select * from hello_world"
# Define data object given the specific query and connection string
$da = new-object "System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter" ($q, $cn)
# Fill the data set - essentially run the query.
$da.Fill($ds) | Out-Null
# Print the result
foreach ($Rows in $ds.Tables[0].Rows)
$Rows | Format-Table
# Close the Connection
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