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SQLvariant / Export-CSV-Append.ps1
Created Mar 19, 2019
PowerShell proxy cmdlet – function which wraps standard Export-CSV cmdlet but adds handling of the -Append parameter
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#Requires -Version 2.0
This Export-CSV behaves exactly like native Export-CSV
However it has one optional switch -Append
Which lets you append new data to existing CSV file: e.g.
Get-Process | Select ProcessName, CPU | Export-CSV processes.csv -Append
For details, see
SQLvariant / Get-MachineInfo.ps1
Created Mar 19, 2019
Simple PowerShell function to retrieve OS info from a Windows machine.
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function Get-MachineInfo($ServerName="localhost")
Get-WmiObject win32_computersystem -ComputerName $ServerName |
@{Name="TotalPhysicalMemoryInMB";Expression={"{0:n2}" -f($_.TotalPhysicalMemory/1mb)}},
SQLvariant / Get-History2.ps1
Created Mar 19, 2019
Simple function to give you the duration of all command history in PowerShell
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function Get-History2
Get-History |
SELECT Id, @{Label="TotalRunningTime";Expression={$_.EndExecutionTime - $_.StartExecutionTime}}, CommandLine, ExecutionStatus, StartExecutionTime, EndExecutionTime
SQLvariant / AdventureWorksDW2017_ExportExcel.ps1
Last active Mar 14, 2019
Export every table in the AdventureWorksDW2017 db to Excel
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#Requires -Modules SqlServer
#Requires -Modules ImportExcel
<# The AdventureWorksDW2017 only has 29 tables and they're all under 1 million rows.#>
cd SQLSERVER:\SQL\LocalHost\SQL2017\Databases\AdventureWorksDW2017\Tables
<# Scenario #1 A) all Dimensions in a single file,
and B) each Fact table in their own file. #>
<# A) Every Dimension table in a worksheet named after the table, the same Excel file #>
dir | WHERE { $ -like 'dim*' } |
SQLvariant / ADS_Extension.ps1
Created Mar 14, 2019
Common SQL PowerShell examples for the SqlServer module
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<# Get the Server SMO objects for ServerA & ServerB
The default output for this command will include the Instance name, version, Service Pack, & CU Update Level #>
Get-SqlInstance -ServerInstance ServerA, ServerB
<# Sample Output #>
Instance Name Version ProductLevel UpdateLevel
------------- ------- ------------ -----------
ServerA 13.0.5233 SP2 CU4
ServerB 14.0.3045 RTM CU12
<# Get the Instance name, version, Service Pack, & CU Update Level,
SQLvariant / QuickSQLContainer_wAW2016.ps1
Created Mar 12, 2019
Create a SQL-on-Linux container, and restore the AdventureWorks2016 DB
View QuickSQLContainer_wAW2016.ps1
$BakURL = ""
$BakFile = "$($Home)\Downloads\AdventureWorks2016.bak"
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $BakURL -OutFile $BakFile
mkdir C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev02
#dir C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev02 | OGV -PassThru | Remove-Item
Copy-Item -Path "$($Home)\Downloads\AdventureWorks2016.bak" -Destination C:\SQLData\Docker\SQLDev02
<# Create a Container with a volume mounted from the host #>
SQLvariant / ExcelSchemaAndData_to_PowerBI_DataSet.ps1
Created Mar 11, 2019
Use PowerShell to extract Excel Worksheey Schema and Data to create Power BI DataSet
View ExcelSchemaAndData_to_PowerBI_DataSet.ps1
<# Literally one of the oldest SQL PowerShell examples, and it now works on PSCore.
I'm only doing this step to generate data to place in an Excel spreadsheet.
IMPORTANT: If you already have an Excel spreadsheet, skip this section! #>
ls 'SQLSERVER:\SQLRegistration\Database Engine Server Group' -Recurse |
WHERE {$_.Mode -ne 'd' } |
foreach {
Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $_.Name -Database master -OutputAs DataTables -Query "
SELECT @@ServerName AS 'ServerName',
DB_NAME(dbid) AS 'DatabaseName',
name AS 'LogicalName',
View Get-DisksSpace.PS1
Function Get-DisksSpace
Grabs Hard Drive & Mount Point space information.
Grabs Hard Drive & Mount Point space information.
.PARAMETER serverName
Accepte 1 or more servernames, up to 50 at once.
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"name": "Top15Palatte",
"dataColors": ["#887e6f","#295270","#e6942d","#d52c33","#9f9311","#9fc2dc","#ffc945","#665d3c","#54758D","#DD565C","#EBA957","#9f9f9f","#276B75","#b6749c","#9d9898"
"foreground": "#003052",
"tableAccent": "#9fc2dc"
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Let's go shopping in the PowerShell Store
Ok, it is not actually called the 'store'
it is called the PowerShell Gallery
<# Use the Search #>
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