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Migration script for Nova Users to run server-side: from user.telescope.settingX to user.__settingX (without removing user.telescope.settingX for backward compatibility)
// Explanation:
// This is a migration script for your users to be compatible with the Apollo version of Nova
// We do not support anymore users properties on the `telescope` namespace. They will be duplicated onto __setting:
// Example: `user.telescope.karma` becomes `user.__karma`
// Note: we do not remove the `user.telescope` object, you'll still be able to go back to your previous full Meteor build if you feel that Apollo doesn't fit your needs
// How to use:
// Create a new /server directory at the root of your project then paste the script below in /server/migration.js
import Users from 'meteor/nova:users';
const Migrations = new Meteor.Collection('migrations');
Meteor.startup(function runMigrationToApollo() {
const migrationName = 'userAccountsMigrationToApollo';
const existingMigration = Migrations.findOne({name: migrationName});
if (existingMigration){
if(typeof existingMigration.finishedAt === 'undefined'){
// if migration exists but hasn't finished, remove it and start fresh
console.log('!!! Found incomplete migration "'+migrationName+'", running again.');
Migrations.remove({name: migrationName});
} else {
// do nothing
console.log('Migration "'+migrationName+'" already exists, doing nothing. Remove the migration code to remove this message, or delete the migration from the “Migrations” collection to run it again.')
// find users with telescope fields (Nova-Classic)
const usersCursor = Users.find({telescope: {$exists: true}});
const usersCount = usersCursor.count();
const users = usersCursor.fetch();
console.log('// --------------------------------------------------------');
console.log('// Nova Users migration to Apollo data');
// zero user to migrate \o/
if (!usersCount) {
console.log('// Status: All good! 👍 We didn\'t find any user to migrate! ');
console.log('// ====> You should remove this script from your application! 🔭');
console.log('// --------------------------------------------------------');
console.log(`// Status: Starting the migration, ${usersCount} users to migrate... (it may take some time)`);
Migrations.insert({name: migrationName, startedAt: new Date(), completed: false});
// duplicate telescope namespace to the root of the user object
const apolloUsers = => {
// = "Hey, I'm a Telescope Nova user!"
// = ""
// telescopeNamespace.displayName = "John Doe"
// telescopeNamespace.x = y
const telescopeNamespace = user.telescope;
// "bio" => {bio: "Hey, I'm a Telescope Nova user!"}
// "email" => {email: ""}
// "displayName" => {displayName: "John Doe"}
// "x" => {x: y}
const arrayOfSettings = Object.keys(telescopeNamespace).map(key => {
return {[key]: telescopeNamespace[key]};
// {
// _bio: "Hey, ...",
// _email: "",
// _displayName: "John Doe",
// _x: "y"
// }
const newSettings = arrayOfSettings.reduce((result, item) => {
return {
}, {});
// {
// _id: "yvZfYTWC8HZggSEa5",
// _bio "Hey, ...",
// _email: "",
// _displayName: "John Doe",
// _x: "y"
// }
return {
_id: user._id,
// migrate the users with the new settings
const migratedUsers = => {
const userId = apolloUserSettings._id;
delete apolloUserSettings._id; // maybe not needed ? this is to avoid overwritting the _id, even if it's the same
return Users.update({_id: userId}, {$set: apolloUserSettings});
// maybe do something on migratedUsers to check if there any false value (update failure) and log it? could this happen? Mongo connection lost?
Migrations.update({name: migrationName}, {$set: {finishedAt: new Date(), completed: true, itemsAffected: usersCount}});
console.log('// Status: Migration of Users to Apollo completed! 👍')
console.log('// ====> You should remove this script from your application! 🔭');
console.log('// --------------------------------------------------------');
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