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Created July 23, 2021 19:31
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List of radio stations that are in the wheel, in clockwise order, as of LS Tuners DLC
"RADIO_11_TALK_02", // Blaine County Radio
"RADIO_12_REGGAE", // The Blue Ark
"RADIO_13_JAZZ", // Worldwide FM
"RADIO_14_DANCE_02", // FlyLo FM
"RADIO_15_MOTOWN", // The Lowdown 9.11
"RADIO_20_THELAB", // The Lab
"RADIO_16_SILVERLAKE", // Radio Mirror Park
"RADIO_17_FUNK", // Space 103.2
"RADIO_18_90S_ROCK", // Vinewood Boulevard Radio
"RADIO_21_DLC_XM17", // Blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM
"RADIO_22_DLC_BATTLE_MIX1_RADIO", // Los Santos Underground Radio
"RADIO_23_DLC_XM19_RADIO", // iFruit Radio
"RADIO_19_USER", // Self Radio
"RADIO_01_CLASS_ROCK", // Los Santos Rock Radio
"RADIO_02_POP", // Non-Stop-Pop FM
"RADIO_03_HIPHOP_NEW", // Radio Los Santos
"RADIO_04_PUNK", // Channel X
"RADIO_05_TALK_01", // West Coast Talk Radio
"RADIO_06_COUNTRY", // Rebel Radio
"RADIO_07_DANCE_01", // Soulwax FM
"RADIO_08_MEXICAN", // East Los FM
"RADIO_09_HIPHOP_OLD", // West Coast Classics
"RADIO_36_AUDIOPLAYER", // Media Player
"RADIO_35_DLC_HEI4_MLR", // The Music Locker
"RADIO_34_DLC_HEI4_KULT", // Kult FM
"RADIO_27_DLC_PRHEI4", // Still Slipping Los Santos
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