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How to make pipenv install virtual environment in project folder/location on Windows 10

You should add PIPENV_VENV_IN_PROJECT=1 to the Windows 10 User variable

Step 1: Press WIN+S to launch Windows Search on your Windows 10 machine. You will see the Search Textbox.

Step 2: Type “environ..” in the Windows Search Textbox. You will see “Edit the system environment variables” as a result of the Best match list. Select this option.

Step 3: This will launch the System Properties window. In this window, we can review Computer Name, Hardware, and other Advanced properties.

  • On the Advanced tab, we can see Performance, User Profiles, and Startup and Recovery options. The last button is the Environment Variables. Click on this button.

Step 4: It will launch the Environment Variables window where you can see all variables and their values. As you can see from the following window, there are User variables and System variables. and Click on New


Step 6: Click OK and Save it

That's it's finished!

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