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Last active November 1, 2018 13:15
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Odoo tricks

Installing extra addons:

In shell

  • copy the directory of the module in ./addons
  • give permissions chmod -R 755 addons/<module_directory>
  • restart the container

In Odoo:

  • Activate the developer mode
  • Go to Settings, then do Update Apps List
  • Go to Apps, delete Apps from search bar and search the new module

Note: Sometime one module can conflict with other, so, ensure you have a database backup to restore it in order to try again.

Support Amazon S3:

In Odoo:

  • Go to Settings -> Thecnical -> Parameters, choose System Parameters

  • Add a new System parameter as follow:

    • without encryption:
    ir_attachment.location  --->  s3://<Your-AWS-Access-Key-ID>:<Your-AWS-Secret-Key>@<Your-S3-Bucket-name>
    • with server-side encryption (only AES256, since [aws:kms is not supported in boto3 (boto/botocore#471)):
    ir_attachment.location  --->  s3://<Your-AWS-Access-Key-ID>:<Your-AWS-Secret-Key>@<Your-S3-Bucket-name>+SSE

How to:

  • Populate cities:
    Settings / Technical / Locations Management / Locations -> Create
    Settings / Technical / Locations Management / Import from Geonames -> Import from Geonames
    Required developer mode.

  • Populate sales sequences:
    Settings / Technical / Sequences
    Search sales
    Edit and set RFPO.P.%(month)s%(y)s. as prefix and 5 as sequence size (notation at bottom).

  • Incoterms:
    Sales / Settings / Sales / Shipping

  • Full Accounting Features:
    Activate developer mode.
    Users / ${username} / Application Accesses / Accounting & Finance -> Billing Manager
    Users / ${username} / Technical Settings / Show Full Accounting Features
    Refresh the system/browser.
    Invoicing / Adviser

  • Analytic Accounting for Sales:
    Activate developer mode.
    Users / ${username} / Technical Settings / Analytic Accounting for Sales
    Refresh the system/browser.

  • Setup current company's receiving and shipping behaviour:
    Inventory / Configuration / Settings/ Warehouse -> Storage Locations
    Edit Inventory / Configuration / Warehouses/ ${youwarehouse}
    Choose: Incoming Shipments -> (3 steps), Outgoing Shippings -> (Pick + Pack + Ship)

  • Setup mail server for Outgoing messages (development):
    Check General Settings / Discuss / External Email Servers
    In Outgoing Mail Servers create a new server
    SMTP Server: mailhog, SMTP Port: 1025, Debugging: checked

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SalahAdDin commented Jun 19, 2018 -> all -> base_bank_from_iban -> currency_rate_update -> hr_skill hr_experience -> all(?) -> mrp_sale_info mrp_bom_equivalent quality_control mrp_production_service -> mis_builder mis_builder_budget -> base_location base_location_geonames_import partner_external_map -> product_priority product_manufacturer -> project_stage_closed project_stage_state(?) project_task_add_very_high project_task_default_stage project_task_dependency project_timeline project_timeline_hr_timesheet project_timesheet_time_control project_timeline_task_dependency -> subcontracted_service -> report_fillpdf report_xlsx auth_signup_verify_email password_security -> date_range mass_editing -> email_template_qweb mail_debrand mail_tracking -> web_responsive web_widget_color web_searchbar_full_width web_timeline web_widget_bokeh_chart web_environment_ribbon web_export_view web_favicon web_notify web_export_view -> muk_web_share -> muk_website_customize_gradient muk_website_scroll_up muk_website_navbar_transparent muk_website_social_buttons -> developer_mode pivot_heat_map mrp_production_draft mrp_work_order_print import_product_image hr_applicant project_kanban project_task_detail_report hr_grade_rank -> amazon s3

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Remove app_product_type_sequence and app_stock_picking_type_group in App Odoo.

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SalahAdDin commented Jul 16, 2018

Copy files matching pattern linux: find $orig/ -type f -name '$pattern.ext' -exec cp '{}' $dir/ ';'
Example: find -type f -name '*BOM.xlsx' -exec cp '{}' /home/salahaddin/Proyectos/Works/rotafilo/BOM ';'

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SalahAdDin commented Aug 15, 2018

Good but private repo modules: -> Project Template -> Open PDF Reports and PDF Attachments in Browser -> Email Fields Tweaks

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