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svg to dxf conversion
# The assert function for Bash
function assert {
local rc
local message="$1"
"$@" 2>&1 > /dev/null
[ $rc -eq 0 ] && return 0
set $(caller)
date=$(date "+%Y-%m-%d %T%z")
echo "$date $2 [$$]: $message (line=$1, rc=$rc)" >&2
exit $rc
# Retrieves the input and output filenames
# Checks the system
assert "Inkscape not found" which inkscape
assert "Pstoedit not found" which pstoedit
assert "svg2dxf takes 2 arguments (infile, outfile)" test $# -eq 2
assert "Input file not found" test -f "$infile"
# Converts the SVG to DXF
printf "Converting %s to %s..." "$infile" "$outfile" >&2
inkscape --file="$infile" --export-eps=/dev/stderr 2>&1 >/dev/null \
| pstoedit -dt -f 'dxf:-polyaslines -mm' /dev/stdin /dev/stdout \
> "$outfile" 2> /dev/null
printf " OK\n" >&2
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