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require "active_support"
require "active_support/core_ext/string/output_safety"
require "objspace"
def assert_same_object(x, y)
raise unless x.object_id == y.object_id
def assert_not_same_object(x, y)
raise unless x.object_id != y.object_id
# a lot of what is here depends on Ruby 2.5
raise unless >="2.5.0")
vm_deduped1 = "vm_deduped".freeze
vm_deduped2 = "vm_deduped".freeze
assert_same_object(vm_deduped1, vm_deduped2)
# interpolated strings are not magic deduped if they include vars
assert_not_same_object(vm_deduped1, "#{vm_deduped1}".freeze)
# there is a rare case where they are
assert_same_object(vm_deduped1, "#{"vm_deduped"}".freeze)
# String @- can be used to dedupe strings
simple1 = "simple"
simple2 = "simple"
assert_same_object(-simple1, -simple2)
# duduping is a bit inconsistent at the moment
frozen_not_deduped1 = ("x" * 100).freeze
frozen_not_deduped2 = ("x" * 100).freeze
# dynamic strings are not vm deduped
assert_not_same_object(frozen_not_deduped1, frozen_not_deduped2)
# till is fixed, this is sadly the case
assert_not_same_object(-frozen_not_deduped1, -frozen_not_deduped2)
# WARNING: frozen_string_litral: true creates frozen strings for interpolated strings
eval <<~RUBY
# frozen_string_literal: true
def bad_dedup(val)
x = "\#{val}s"
def yucky_good_dedup(val)
# did you know String + unfreezes a string?
# :( my bad dedup does not work, so hopefully a fix for 14478 is backported
assert_not_same_object(bad_dedup("bad"), bad_dedup("bad"))
assert_same_object(-yucky_good_dedup("good"), -yucky_good_dedup("good"))
# active support caveats
html_safe1 = "<html>#{"x"*100}<html>".html_safe
html_safe2 = "<html>#{"x"*100}<html>".html_safe
# an instance var was set on String, so we can not dedup
# if you want to dedup always do it prior to calling html_safe
assert_not_same_object(-html_safe1, -html_safe2)
# untrusted strings are not deduped
not_trusted1 = "i am not trusted"
not_trusted2 = "i am not trusted"
assert_not_same_object(-not_trusted1, -not_trusted2)
# tainted strings are not deduped
tainted1 =
tainted2 =
assert_not_same_object(-tainted1, -tainted2)
# if you want to dedup tainted strings you must create a copy
tainted_dedup1 = -tainted1.dup.untaint
tainted_dedup2 = -tainted2.dup.untaint
assert_same_object(tainted_dedup1, tainted_dedup2)
# calling uminus creates shared string as a side effect
str = "X" * 10000
raise unless ObjectSpace.memsize_of(str) == 10041
_ = -str
# -str triggered a side effect that ended up sharing the giant string
# with a hidden RVALUE in the fstring hash table
raise unless ObjectSpace.memsize_of(str) == 40
# with patched in ivar you also get partial dedupes
class String
attr_accessor :monkey_patched
assert_same_object(-"#{"hello"}", -"hello")
patched1 = "p" * 1000
patched2 = "p" * 1000
raise unless ObjectSpace.memsize_of(patched1) == 1041
# the same object cause no ivar is set
assert_same_object(-patched1, -patched2)
patched1.monkey_patched = true
patched2.monkey_patched = true
partially_dedup1 = -patched1
partially_dedup2 = -patched2
# not the same cause we would lose the ivar if we returned fstring
assert_not_same_object(partially_dedup1, partially_dedup2)
unless ObjectSpace.memsize_of(patched1) == 64 &&
ObjectSpace.memsize_of(patched2) == 64 &&
ObjectSpace.memsize_of(partially_dedup1) == 64 &&
ObjectSpace.memsize_of(partially_dedup2) == 64
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Thanks for sharing this! I'm sure this will be helpful to many.

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