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Created Jun 16, 2020
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building the kraken2-microbial database
# kraken2-microbial database
## Monday 3rd September 2018
## s.nicholls.1
kraken2-build --download-taxonomy --threads 24 --db $KDB
kraken2-build --download-library archaea --db $KDB
kraken2-build --download-library bacteria --db $KDB
kraken2-build --download-library fungi --db $KDB
kraken2-build --download-library protozoa --db $KDB
kraken2-build --download-library viral --db $KDB
kraken2-build --download-library UniVec_Core --db $KDB
kraken2-build --threads 24 --build --db $KDB
bracken-build -x /home/ubuntu/git/kraken2/scripts/ -t 24 -l 2500 -d $KDB
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