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// Inputs[1] { @0007 }
0000 60 PUSH1 0x80 [0x80]
0002 60 PUSH1 0x40 [0x40, 0x80]
0004 52 MSTORE [] // memory@0x40 := 0x80
0005 60 PUSH1 0x04 [0x04]
0007 36 CALLDATASIZE [CSZ, 0x04]
0008 10 LT [C0] // CSZ < 0x04
0009 61 PUSH2 0x0062 [0x62, C0] // revert_0062
000C 57 *JUMPI []

Come up with overall architecture

The first task will be agreeing on a high level architecture that can be subdivided between implementors. The use cases for the software should be determined, and sub-tasks created to address them.

This work should include defining interfaces between high-level components, and possibly a stub implementation of each.

Create API for controlling the simulation