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Docker cloud: PaaS, orchestration, resource-sharing, provisioning

Experimenting with Docker technologies and related supporting infrastructure, as I'm sure many of you are.

Disclaimer: seeking an opinionated architecture, not a wiki (like:

In essence, I am building an open-source cloud that:

  • fans-in/out elastically

  • supports multiple public and private cloud providers

  • negotiates resources [no single-use clusters]

  • HA: SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL

    • On that note, "Big Data" support (for at least Hadoop and Spark)

PaaS features, in particular:

  • CI/CD
  • dependent scaling
  • deploy on `git push`, pipelined to tiers—e.g.: dev, UAT, prod—on e.g.: git tags
  • canary releases: test features on small part of cluster—e.g.: to particular customer segment—before deciding to release [multi-]cluster-wide

Planning to write—and have written—a bunch of Python and Go to tie everything together.

Still considering many options, here's what I have so far:

##Provisioning Apache Libcloud

##Service discovery Consul (yes it does more!)

##Load-balancing Vulcand

##Networking Weave

##Resource negotiation Apache Mesos

##Coordination Consul, Zookeeper (for Mesos, will also use Consul), etcd

##Docker orchestration Still deciding. Looking at Marathon, Kubernates and a fair-few others.

##Monitoring Integrate components from many sources (consul health-checks, regular tech [Prometheus, Influx or similar]). Will throw a shiny frontend together with AngularJS.

##Big Data Mesos (with Myriad?)

##HA databases Compose Governor (Postgres)

##PaaS Still deciding. Probably want something Mesos aware like Deis. See also: "Docker orchestration".

I understand that some are working on reference implementations (e.g.: Not planning to be quite so ambitious! - Just a simple one-man endeavour here, and will be open-sourcing + documenting as I go.

Please tear apart my design and proffer suggestions :)



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SamuelMarks commented Apr 28, 2015

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