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Created Oct 23, 2016
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Paxos Pseudocode
--- Paxos Proposer ---
choose n > n_p
send prepare(n) to all servers including self
if prepare_ok(n, n_a, v_a) from majority:
v’ = v_a with highest n_a; choose own v otherwise
send accept(n, v’) to all
if accept_ok(n) from majority:
send decided(v’) to all
--- Paxos Acceptor ---
acceptor state on each node (persistent):
n_p --- highest prepare seen
n_a, v_a --- highest accept seen
acceptor’s prepare(n) handler:
if n > n_p
n_p = n
reply prepare_ok(n, n_a, v_a)
acceptor’s accept(n, v) handler:
if n >= n_p
n_p = n
n_a = n
v_a = v
reply accept_ok(n)
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