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from diagrams import Diagram, Cluster, Edge
from diagrams.custom import Custom
from import Nginx
from import Tomcat
from diagrams.onprem.inmemory import Memcached
from diagrams.onprem.queue import Rabbitmq
from diagrams.onprem.database import Mongodb
from diagrams.onprem.database import Mysql
from diagrams.elastic.elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
with Diagram("Web Architecture", show=False, outformat="jpg", filename="custom_diagram", direction="LR"):
with Cluster("Public Network"):
android = Custom("Android", "./my_resources/android.png")
chrome = Custom("Google Chrome", "./my_resources/chrome.png")
firefox = Custom("Mozilla Firefox", "./my_resources/firefox.png")
loadbalancer = Custom("Load Balancer", "./my_resources/loadbalancer.png")
android >> Edge(label = "Request 1") >> loadbalancer
chrome >> Edge(label = "Request 2") >> loadbalancer
firefox >> Edge(label = "Request 3") >> loadbalancer
with Cluster("Private Network"):
with Cluster("Web Tier"):
nginx_cluster = Nginx("Nginx")
with Cluster("App Tier"):
tomcat_cluster = Tomcat("Tomcat")
with Cluster("Backend Service"):
with Cluster("Queuing"):
rabbitmq = Rabbitmq("Rabbit MQ")
with Cluster("Cache"):
memcached = Memcached("MemcacheD")
with Cluster("DB Tier"):
db_cluster = [Mysql("MySQL"),Mongodb("MongoDB")]
with Cluster("Indexing"):
elasticsearch = Elasticsearch("Elasticsearch")
loadbalancer >> nginx_cluster >> tomcat_cluster >> rabbitmq >> memcached
rabbitmq >> db_cluster
db_cluster >> elasticsearch
tomcat_cluster >> elasticsearch
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