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Last active August 9, 2021 05:21
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from diagrams import Cluster, Diagram
from import ECS
from import ELB, Route53
from import RDS
from diagrams.onprem.client import User
graph_attr = {
"fontsize": "25",
"bgcolor": "transparent"
with Diagram("Advanced Diagram", show=False, outformat="jpg", filename="my_diagram"):
dns = Route53("dns")
lb = ELB("lb")
with Cluster("Services"):
web_service_group = [ECS("web1"), ECS("web2")]
with Cluster("DB Cluster"):
db_master = RDS("db1 master")
db_master - [RDS("db1 read only")]
User("User") >> dns >> lb >> web_service_group
web_service_group >> db_master
web_service_group << db_master
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