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Last active Mar 20, 2021
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Chrome ERR_Connection_Reset Fix
TL;DR: Disable IPv6 in Windows' network adapter settings.
Tested links:
Opera with VPN enabled
Internet Explorer*
Doesn't work:
Vivaldi (Chromium)
Opera (Chromium)
SRWare Iron Portable (Chromium)
Firefox Portable
*First loaded page without CSS, then didn't work a few times, then (until now) worked with CSS
EDIT: I opened just which redirects to I then opened the first link and it worked in all browsers. Then I opened the second link and it didn't work. Then I opened the first one again ind now it doesn't work anymore.
EDIT 2: Now it doesn't work anymore in ALL browsers.
EDIT 3: Just restarted my router:
Vivaldi/Opera don't work
In Firefox doesn't work, and work
Edge won't load CSS
EDIT 4: I unchecked IPv6 in Windows' network adapter settings: All sites work in ALL browsers. I dunno if the problem is with my adapter (Killer E2200), Windows 10, my router (Speedport W 724V), my ISP (German Telekom) or / not being able to handle IPv6 packets.
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synccirle commented Nov 18, 2020

"ns": "yt",
"el": "detailpage",
"cpn": "5PzRhOxAtnLu0C7D",
"docid": "fzI9FNjXQ0o",
"ver": 2,
"referrer": "",
"cmt": "20.498",
"ei": "vSS1X7KjB8yylQSx0b_wAQ",
"fmt": "243",
"fs": "0",
"rt": "22.942",
"of": "yt0Fyoo4FX6xdOOIGN5dLw",
"euri": "",
"lact": 19,
"cl": "342543027",
"mos": 0,
"state": "8",
"vm": "CAEQABgEKiwtZU9QVktpZ1R3M0NmMVlFQlc5cTFuellTTnBUWFJWV2lJSEJMTjJkalFjPToyQU9HdF9PSWVwSkVBbjVhTWhGaG9ZdmNZX09Pa2s2UXhGOUxhdy14OFB3dUNxWWwycnc",
"volume": 100,
"subscribed": "1",
"cbrand": "myphone",
"cbr": "Chrome Mobile",
"cbrver": "86.0.4240.198",
"c": "MWEB",
"cver": "2.20201117.05.01",
"cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",
"cmodel": "mya17",
"cos": "Android",
"cosver": "9",
"cplatform": "MOBILE",
"hl": "en_US",
"cr": "PH",
"len": "147.641",
"fexp": "23744176,23804281,23839597,23856950,23880043,23882503,23884386,23895671,23897180,23911055,23915990,23917876,23918597,23923338,23934970,23940247,23940795,23942338,23942633,23943576,23944779,23945479,23946420,23948841,23948944,23948944,23950597,23951620,23951657,23955373,23958692,23961732,23962433,23963929,23964531,23966247,23966815,23967078,23967494,23968253,23969084,23969366,23969881,23970846,23970861,24590290,24631715,24631757,3300007,3300110,3300130,3313321,3316750,3317646,3317886,3319220,3319448,3319457,3320501,3320540,3320832,3329019,3329155,3329304,3329313,3329384,9449243",
"feature": "g-high-cpv",
"afmt": "251",
"conn": "3",
"cc": ".en.j3PyPqV-e1s",
"vct": "20.498",
"vd": "147.641",
"vpl": "0.000-20.498",
"vbu": "0.000-47.380",
"vpa": "0",
"vsk": "0",
"ven": "0",
"vpr": "1",
"vrs": "4",
"vns": "2",
"vec": "null",
"vemsg": "",
"vvol": "1",
"vdom": "1",
"vsrc": "1",
"vw": 360,
"vh": 198,
"creationTime": 38901.599999999235,
"totalVideoFrames": 495,
"droppedVideoFrames": 19,
"corruptedVideoFrames": 0,
"lct": "20.330",
"lsk": false,
"lmf": false,
"lbw": "303390.447",
"lhd": "1.131",
"lst": "2947.770",
"laa": "itag_251_type_3_seg_4_range_690275-867009_time_40.0-49.7_off_0_len_176735",
"lva": "itag_243_type_3_seg_8_range_987131-1062012_time_42.0-47.4_off_0_len_74882_end_1",
"lar": "itag_251_type_3_seg_4_range_690275-867009_time_40.0-49.7_off_0_len_176735",
"lvr": "itag_243_type_3_seg_19_range_2218254-2347839_time_100.8-106.1_off_0_len_129586_end_1",
"laq": "0",
"lvq": "1285827",
"lab": "0.000-49.721",
"lvb": "0.000-47.380",
"ismb": 450000,
"relative_loudness": "-1.885",
"optimal_format": "360p",
"user_qual": "auto",
"debug_videoId": "fzI9FNjXQ0o",
"0sz": false,
"op": "",
"yof": false,
"dis": "",
"gpu": "Mali-T820",
"cgr": true,
"debug_playbackQuality": "medium",
"debug_date": "Wed Nov 18 2020 21:42:43 GMT+0800 (Philippine Standard Time)"

  • }`

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