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GSoC 2016 Final Product, Saptak Sengupta - FOSSASIA

I worked on the Open Event Organiser Server Project of FOSSASIA this summer. The idea was to build a server open for all event organiser to create their own event and make it completely customisable. I have implemented quite some features like custom session and speaker forms, call for papers, event wizard, scheduler calendar, profile page and guest pages. Apart from this I have worked in improving the UI at various places and also making the project mobile ready. I have worked on making the entire project responsive so that it can be used smoothly in all devices. I have also cleaned the code and configured codacy to suit our project. I have worked on the entire architecture of the project along with other team members and also worked on testing and bug fixings.
The project has a lot of features and is quite unique from other such available projects. The project is highly customisable and greatly useful for any event organiser.
The project is live here

My Contribution to the codebase is listed below

Repository Link

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