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Talks I want to see at DjangoCon US

Ideas for DjangoCon US talks

  • How to be an ally

  • An accessibility talk that goes beyond visual or mobility impairment

  • How to bridge from introductory materials to the skills needed as a junior developer

  • Recruiting, hiring, and interviewing skills

  • Ethics, ethics of data, ethics of algorithms, ethics of spending our energy on one project and not another

  • "How I use Django or python in my really unique field"

  • Networking with visible and invisible disabilities

  • Anything about testing and other forms of quality control

  • Onboarding users onto your software

  • Setting up a dev environment is the hardest part for new contributors to get started on an OS project. It's the scariest part for new folx in general. How to make this better?

  • What does research say about optimal work environments? Are open office plans good/bad? What about 'non-hierarchical' orgs?

  • Microagressions

  • Using state machines

  • Unionizing in the tech space; tech co-ops

  • Iterators and generators

  • Non-obvious privacy considerations

  • building a multilingual community (inspired by PyCon's Charlas)

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