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The Origin of Furries

In this talk we will be all discussing the origin of the furry fandom. How we will thogheter create a new furry-in-js framework. We will going over how they have changed the current fandom world, our hearts and the js world in 5 very awesome minutes! This talk is to prove a point that stars mean nothing in this case.

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poeschko commented Feb 2, 2018

I might attend the conference just to hear this talk. Hell, I'll buy several tickets to bring along some furry friends of mine as well!

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SaraVieira commented Feb 2, 2018

I will dress as furry if this happens !!!!

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jevakallio commented Feb 2, 2018

A++ would pay to see this talk.

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petetnt commented Feb 2, 2018

Already F5:ing the crap out of the future Youtube url this talk

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