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Last active August 15, 2020 08:09
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Parameter Convergence Checks in TFP
"""Convergence criterion callbacks for VI."""
import collections
import numpy as np
import tensorflow as tf
import tensorflow_probability as tfp
from typing import List, Optional
from tensorflow_probability.python.optimizer.convergence_criteria import convergence_criterion
ParameterState = collections.namedtuple("ParameterState", ["previous_value"])
def relative(current, prev, eps=1e-6):
"""Calculate relative tolerance."""
return (tf.abs(current - prev) + eps) / (tf.abs(prev) + eps)
def absolute(current, prev):
"""Calculate absolute tolerance."""
return tf.abs(current - prev)
_diff = dict(relative=relative, absolute=absolute)
class CheckParameterConvergence(convergence_criterion.ConvergenceCriterion):
"""Check convergence after certain number of iterations."""
def __init__(
every: int = 100,
tolerance: float = 1e-3,
diff: str = "relative",
min_num_steps: int = 20,
name: Optional[str] = None,
self.every = every
self.tolerance = tolerance
self.diff = _diff[diff]
self.ord = ord
super(CheckParameterConvergence, self).__init__(
min_num_steps=min_num_steps, name=name or "ParameterConvergence"
def flatten_params(params: List[tf.Tensor]) -> tf.Tensor:
"""Flattened view of parameters."""
flattened_tensor = [tf.reshape(var, shape=[-1]) for var in params]
return tf.concat(flattened_tensor, axis=0)
def _bootstrap(self, loss, grads, parameters):
del loss
del grads
return ParameterState(previous_value=self.flatten_params(parameters))
def _one_step(self, step, loss, grads, parameters, auxiliary_state):
del loss
del grads
return tf.cond(
step % self.every == 0,
lambda: tf.cond(
self.diff(self.flatten_params(parameters), auxiliary_state.previous_value),
< self.tolerance,
lambda: (True, ParameterState(previous_value=self.flatten_params(parameters))),
lambda: (False, ParameterState(previous_value=self.flatten_params(parameters))),
lambda: (False, ParameterState(previous_value=auxiliary_state.previous_value)),
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