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(function () {
var previousInputMode = false;
var inputMode = (function() {
try {
var inputMode = window.sessionStorage.getItem('inputMode');
if (!inputMode) {
return undefined;
if ( {'set', 'dimension1', inputMode);

Almost one year ago I wrote an article that dealt with an emerging WebKit CSS technique, the CSS filter effects, and the question if we could not have/emulate them in other browsers, too. Turned out we could.

Today I want to talk about another WebKit-only feature and show you how you might be able to use it across all of the browsers: This is about…

CSS Masks

CSS masks were added to the WebKit engine by Apple quite a while ago, namely back in April 2008. Masks offer the ability to control the opacity/transparency of elements on a per-pixel basis, similar to how the alpha/transparency-channel of "24-bit"-PNGs or 32-bit-TIFFs work.

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Last active October 19, 2015 08:27
Suggestions for Simon
  1. use branch "gh-pages", make it default, and delete master. gh-pages' content will automatically be deployed to after push. That way you can have your examples hosted on Github, too.

  2. Nicer API: Combine overwriteActions and setCustomActions into one. As setCustomActions needs overwriteActions anyways and overwriteActions doesn't make sense on its own. -> One call less to write.

  3. Even nicer API: Change setCustomActions to accept an object. That way you can pass one or more pieces of configuration at once, instead of needing to call the method over and over again:

  tl: 'rotate',
  tr: 'scale'
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Last active August 29, 2015 14:06
Transkript des Interviews aus der Working Draft Podcast Revision 187:

Mike ist 33, gebürtiger Berliner, wohnt noch in Lübeck, bald wieder Berlin. Anfangs in der berliner Startup-Szene unterwegs gewesen, dann drei Jahre bei Xing in Hamburg gearbeitet. Seit zwei Jahren bei Github.

Mike ist eigentlich Sysop, also Administrator. Bei Xing für mehrere hundert Server zuständig. Später dann immer mehr in Richtung DevOps gewandert, was er jetzt macht.

Erst 5 Jahre als Barkeeper gearbeitet, dann Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker.

Nach den drei Jahren bei Xing war er wieder auf der Suche nach was Neuem und hat einen Tweet von Github bzgl. Enterprise Support Europe gesehen und angeklickt und hat sich darauf beworben.

Das Ganze hat mit einer einfachen E-Mail angefangen, in der Mike schrieb was er gerade tut, wieso er sich bewerbe. Dann kam eine positive Antwort von Github, die 10 "Screening Fragen" beigefügt haben, also Aufgaben zum knacken. Und damit war er dann an einem Wochenende 10 - 15 Stunden beschäftigt. Das wird auch heute noch so bei Github praktiziert. Daraufhin kam es zu einem

Schepp / richtext.js
Last active August 29, 2015 14:06
How to add stylesets to CKEditor
var selectorMain = '.richtext,.ckeditor',
eventNamespace = 'richtext',
cssRootfolder = './../../css/', // Will probably change in production
// Andi, das nachfolgende ist neu:
stylesets = {
standard: [
name: 'Link intern',


##Jeremy Keith

  • The idea of the internet is to make everyone a publisher
  • In contrast to Apps there is no gatekeeper
  • Grunt an SASS and so on are great but raise the entry bar for content creation
  • Geocities: Founded 1994. 3rd most visited on the web. Never the prettiest, but also a playground for everyone, for normal people.
  • 1999 Yahoo acquired Geocities, in 2009 it was shut down and 15 years of content were just wiped out
  • The content might be mostly ugly, but it is also a fragment of history
prefetch supported: yes
parallel prefetch requests: 9
prefetch canceled on page transition: yes
prefetch delayed until after onload: no
prefetch lower priority than images: no
prefetch link seen by preloader: no
dns-prefetch supported: not tested
prerender supported: no
prerender JS executed twice: no
Schepp / gist:8036427
Created December 19, 2013 09:02
Bookmarklet that allow you to copy its output URL and insert that into a Twitter DM, without being blocked.
javascript:prompt('Copy this:',location.href.replace(/\./g,"\u200b."));return false;