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View Latvian

Gist repository for learning Latvian

A versioned location for personal Latvian learning materials and resources

For the reference of others please see 'links and useful information'

View Japanese

Gist repository for Learning Japanese

A versioned location to store my learning materials and notes for Japanese learning

Completed practise worksheets may be added at a later date

ScottA38 /
Last active Oct 8, 2020
General OS and common application shortcuts for OSX

Super User gist

A repository for noting shortcuts or short workflow snippets that are important

ScottA38 /
Last active Sep 9, 2019
A complete novice's Blender cheat sheet

A file containing useful shortcuts and other miscellaneous tidbits about the Blender UI

Surface normals

[shift + N] = 'Recalculate normals' => recalculate all surface normals back to what they originally were as if normals had never been affected

General UI

[tab] = Switch between editing contexts => Use this to alternate between 'object mode' (manipulating whole objects in a scene) and 'edit mode' (manipulating the specifics of an object's geometry in a scene [t] = Toggle the display of the 'tools' side menu within the viewport (default top LHS). This menu contains tools such as the 'select' tool, 'move' tool etc [n] = Toggle display of right-hand menu which contains a heavily condensed properties editor for items, tools and view, leaving only the bare essentials