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Scrape Ishgard Restoration for Progress Alerts
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs4
import requests
import pickle
#checkpoints = {"Tonberry":[], "Cactuar":[]} ## run these at some point to init datastorage
#pickle.dump(checkpoints, open("xiv.prog", "wb")) ## imaging spending time automating setup instead of gaming
x = requests.get('')
soup = bs4(x.text, 'html.parser')
worlds = ["Tonberry", "Cactuar"]
checkpoints = pickle.load(open("xiv.prog", "rb"))
def sendMessage(message):
# Write your own notification processor
def getWorld(name):
return soup.find_all("span", attrs={"class":"world_name"}, string=name)[0].parent
def getPhase(node):
return node.find("p").text
def getProg(node):
return float(node.find("div", attrs={"class":"bar"}).span["style"][:-1][7:])
for world in worlds:
worldNode = getWorld(world)
if getPhase(worldNode) not in checkpoints[world]:
prog = getProg(worldNode)
if prog > 90:
sendMessage("{} is at {}%".format(world, prog))
pickle.dump(checkpoints, open("xiv.prog", "wb"))
from sys import exit
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