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Last active July 5, 2022 18:35
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Building integrations with Delighted


What is included in this repository?

This Github file was designed to help you easily navigate the process of creating, testing, and launching your integration with Delighted. Within this repository, we'll share over specific endpoints, nuances of the Delighted product to consider, and general processes we've seen implemented that delivery exceptional integration experiences.

How should I explore this resource?

We recommend following the order shown below - going from Step 1 to Step 5 - as we've carefully curated the best path to build an integration quickly and effectively with the Delighted platform.

Any questions? Send us a note and we'll get right back to you!

Step 1: Creating your trial account

[1]: Head to our Sign-Up page
[2]: Enter your email and set a password
[3]: Select a survey type (ex. NPS, CSAT, CES, etc.)
[4]: Select a distribution method (ex. Email, Web, SMS, etc.)
[5]: Customize your survey
[6]: Send yourself a test
[7]: You're all set!

Your Delighted account is now up-and-running. Send a quick note to our Partner's account and we'll extend your trial, drop throttling, and ensure you have enough volume to test with.

Step 2: Learn about Delighted's API and webhooks

[1]: Visit our API documentation to learn about our REST API [2]: Visit our webhook documentationto learn about our webhooks

We strongly recommend reviewing all of the available REST API endpoints. Depending on your use case, you may want to trigger surveys using our /v1/people.json endpoint, or you may be looking to poll for response data via our /v1/survey_responses.json endpoint.

Take time to review all of the above documentation to get up-to-speed with what's possible at Delighted!

Step 3: Build your integration

Ready to start building? Send us a note at and we'll help get you started with more curated resources, specific to your use case.

Step 4: Launch your integration

Once your integration is built, it's time to get folks using it! To get started:

[1]: Send an email to our Partner email
[2]: Include the email address you're using to access Delighted. This will help us better understand your integration by seeing the response and survey request data.
[3]: Include details that describe: (1) How the integration works; (2) The expected integration behavior; (3) Intended use cases

We'll reach out and chat through how our teams can work together to launch your new integration!

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