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Restrict Unity UI to an iPhone X or other Mobile Device's Safe Area
using UnityEngine;
/// <summary>
/// Resizes a UI element with a RectTransform to respect the safe areas of the current device.
/// This is particularly useful on an iPhone X, where we have to avoid the notch and the screen
/// corners.
/// The easiest way to use it is to create a root Canvas object, attach this to a "SafeAreaContainer"
/// child of that canvas, and then to lay out other UI elements within the SafeAreaContainer, which
/// will adjust size appropriately for the current device.
/// </summary>
public class PinToSafeArea : MonoBehaviour {
private Rect lastSafeArea;
private RectTransform parentRectTransform;
private void Start() {
parentRectTransform = this.GetComponentInParent<RectTransform>();
private void Update() {
if ( lastSafeArea != Screen.safeArea ) {
private void ApplySafeArea() {
Rect safeAreaRect = Screen.safeArea;
float scaleRatio = parentRectTransform.rect.width / Screen.width;
var left = safeAreaRect.xMin * scaleRatio;
var right = -( Screen.width - safeAreaRect.xMax ) * scaleRatio;
var top = -safeAreaRect.yMin * scaleRatio;
var bottom = ( Screen.height - safeAreaRect.yMax ) * scaleRatio;
RectTransform rectTransform = GetComponent<RectTransform>();
rectTransform.offsetMin = new Vector2( left, bottom );
rectTransform.offsetMax = new Vector2( right, top );
lastSafeArea = Screen.safeArea;
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