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Demonstrates the differences in Psake parameters and properties
Order of processing
1. Parameters from commandline are set
2. Properties block is run
3. Properties from command line then set
Use -parameters to add new values to the script you want to use in the properties block
Use -properties to override a value in properties block or add new value
$params = @{
a = 'a from -parameters'
b = 'b from -parameters'
c = 'c from -parameters'
$propertyOverrides = @{
c = 'c from -properties'
e = 'e from -properties'
f = 'f from -properties'
h = 'h from -properties'
Invoke-psake .\psake-properties.ps1 -parameters $params -properties $propertyOverrides -notr
a = a from -parameters
b = b from property block
c = c from -properties
d = d from property block
e = e from -properties
f =
g = c from property block
h = h from -properties
1. This happens first from -parameters
$a = 'a from -parameters'
$b = 'b from -parameters'
$c = 'c from -parameters'
# 2. then this block runs
properties {
$b = "b from property block"
$c = "c from property block"
$d = "d from property block"
$e = "e from property block"
$g = $c
$h = $c
3. Then this runs from -properties
if c exists then $c = 'c from -properties'
if e exists then $e = 'e from -properties'
if f exists then $f = 'f from -properties'
if h exists then $h = 'h from -properties'
task default -depends TestProperties
task TestProperties {
"a = $a" # set 1
"b = $b" # set in 1,2
"c = $c " # set in 1,2,3
"d = $d" # set in 2
"e = $e" # set in 2,3
"f = $f " # skipped setting in 3
"g = $g " # set in 2 from 1
"h = $h " # set in 2,3 from 1
Assert ($a -eq "a from -parameters") "ow a"
Assert ($b -eq "b from property block") "ow b"
Assert ($c -eq "c from -properties") "ow c"
Assert ($d -eq "d from property block") "ow d"
Assert ($e -eq "e from -properties") "ow e"
Assert ($f -eq $null) "ow f"
Assert ($g -eq "c from property block") "ow g"
Assert ($h -eq "h from -properties") "ow h"
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