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Created June 29, 2016 19:22
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Potential Typo-squatters
adam-paterson adampaterson => oauth2-stripe
components component => foundation
#eveseat eve-seat => seat
#frozzare frozzere => wp-admin-menu-tabs
guzzlehttp puzzlehttp => streams
gwis gws => php-valueobjects
ite ice => form-bundle
kcs ucs => utils
laravel larvel => framework
mindy hindy => application, base, cache, console, controller, di, event, exception, helper, http, locale, logger, middleware, orm, query, router, security, session, tests, utils, validation
mindy miny => cache, orm
#monolog momolog => monolog
pear pear2 => console_commandline
phpixie phpixiex => orm
phpoffice ephpoffice => phpexcel, phpword
psr psx => cache
#romeoz romeo7 => rock-cache
#symfony simfony => yaml tecnickcom => tcpdf
united-prototype unitedprototype => php-ga
#way waym => generators
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