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ESRI shapefiles rendering with Pharo
| shpE legend url response zipArchive fileRef |
Gofer new
url: '';
package: 'ConfigurationOfShapes';
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfShapes) project version: '1.2') load.
" Download zip file containing shp resources "
url := '' asZnUrl.
(response := ZnEasy get: url ) isSuccess
ifFalse: [ self error: 'Cannot download file' ].
fileRef := FileSystem disk workingDirectory / url pathSegments last.
fileRef writeStreamDo: [ : stream | stream nextPutAll: response contents ].
zipArchive := ZipArchive new.
[ zipArchive
readFrom: fileRef fullName;
extractAllTo: FileSystem workingDirectory ]
ensure: [ zipArchive close ].
fileRef delete.
" Load and display it in Morphic "
shpE := ShapeEnsemble fromFile: 'ne_110m_admin_0_countries.shp'.
shpE attribute: 'CONTINENT'.
legend := ColorLegend mapValuesToRandom: shpE valuesOfCurrentAttribute.
shpE legend: legend.
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offray commented Oct 1, 2014

Need I to actualice something before running this code? ShapeEnsemble, ColorLegend, mapValuesToRandom and valuesOfCurrentAttribute and displayMorphic are in red.

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