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Created January 10, 2017 10:52
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CSV fingerprint with Roassal
|tab b shape elements v lb|
tab := RTTabTable new input: (ZnEasy get:
entity contents asString usingDelimiter:$,.
v := RTView new.
elements := #().
tab values do:[:row|elements := elements, row.].
shape := RTBox new height:1; width:20; color: [:e | e isEmpty ifTrue:
[Color black] ifFalse:[
[(e asNumber) isInteger ifTrue: [ Color blue ] ifFalse:[(e asNumber)
isFloat ifTrue: [ Color purple ]]]
on: Error do: [:ex| Color yellow]]].
es := shape elementsOn: elements.
v addAll: es.
RTGridLayout new
gapSize: 0;
lineItemsCount: (tab values at:1) size;
on: v elements.
lb := RTLegendBuilder new.
lb view: v view.
lb addColor: Color yellow text: 'String'.
lb addColor: Color black text: 'Missing value'.
lb addColor: Color purple text: 'Decimal'.
lb addColor: Color blue text: 'Integer'.
lb build.
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