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Suchitra Edussuriya-Essl Sessl

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Last active Dec 28, 2015
Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails - Week 2 Quiz
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Week 2 Quiz
1. Name all the 7 ( or 8) routes exposed by the 'resources' keyword in the routes.rb file. Also name
the named routes, and how the request is routed to the controller/action.
routes: if the application has a controller called Posts for example, the router matches
HTTP Verb and URL of an inbound request to different actions in the controller.
HTTP Verb Path(URL) Action Used for
GET /posts index displays the list of all posts
Sessl / gist:7273855
Last active Dec 27, 2015
Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails - Week 1 Quiz
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1. Why do they call it a relational database?
It is a collection of tables of data items which are created according to the relational model.
In the relational model a table is called a relation, which is a set of tuples (rows) that have
the same attributes /columns (data structure). A tuple represents an object and information about it.
The domain and constraints of an attribute apply to all data that are referenced by that attribute.
Data are stored and accessed through relations.
2. What is SQL?