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Last active April 7, 2024 23:33
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Help, Google is bullying me!

Q: How do I get past the Quota Limit?

A: You can get your own YouTube API key and use that instead of the app's default key. Follow the instructions here up until Step 8 and then paste that key into the box in the extension popup below "Custom API Key" and then click on "Save Key".

Q: I tried that and it didn't work?

A: Maybe you entered your API key wrong? Just re-enter it. The other possibility is that there's an issue with the Youtube API or my flawless code in which case you'll either have to wait for Google or I to fix it.

Q: I can't be bothered doing that is there something else I can do?

A: The quota resets at 12AM PST each day so you could wait till then, if you've done that and it's still broken then see the above answer.

Q: I typed some gibberish into the API Key box instead of an actual API Key and now nothing works and I can't be bothered to get a valid API key either.

A: Well that wasn't very smart was it? Hopefully you have learnt a valuable life lesson about following instructions. Anyway to fix it just press the "Save Key" button while the text box is empty and it will go back to using the default key.

Q: Why do you even have a Quota? Can I pay to bypass it or something?

A: The quota is Google's, not mine, trust me I wish you could pay me to bypass it too.

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ghost commented Jun 19, 2020

Could you maybe port the addon to Firefox or release the source code (of course putting the API key into a separate file and putting that into the .gitignore) so we could port it ourselves? This addon is really cool!

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mspeace commented Dec 2, 2020

dude, listen a guy above /\

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I ported the extension to work in firefox, still fixing stuff up a little.

@Sgtpanda Would you be interested in taking a look and maybe releasing it on

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NicPalacio commented Apr 7, 2024

@igorlogius , @Sgtpanda Hi there, have you gained access to the source code yet? A group of people are encountering issues with another extension (sonigy/YCS#56) because since the latest update of Chrome, the extension no longer loads comments properly. However, I noticed that this extension fetches them correctly. It would be great if we could inspect the code and maybe get a clue about what the problem is.

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igorlogius commented Apr 7, 2024

@NicPalacio That project kind of went under ... sorry, i also dont have any unobfuscated sources so i can't support or further develop. The modifcation i talked about in my previous comment was just a repackage, which did not require to make site specific changes. I dont even know if the addon would still work at this point. Sorry.

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