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Capacitor Tier List

Capacitor Tier List

First Tier (Japanese)

  • Rubycon
  • United Chemi-Con (or Nippon Chemi-Con)
  • Nichicon
  • Sanyo/Suncon
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi
  • FPCAP or Functional Polymer Capacitor (ex-Fujitsu caps segment, which was bought by Nichicon)
  • ELNA

First Tier (Non-Japanese)

  • Cornell Dubilier (USA)
  • Illinois Capacitor (Currently owned by Cornell Dubilier)
  • Kemet Corporation (USA)
  • Vishay (USA)
  • EPCOS (TDK company, Germany)
  • Würth Elektronik (Germany)

Second Tier

  • Taicon (belongs to Nichicon)
  • Teapo
  • SamXon (except GF series which belongs to a lower Tier)
  • OST
  • Toshin Kogyo

Third Tier

  • Jamicon
  • CapXon

Fourth Tier

  • G-Luxon
  • Su'scon
  • Elite
  • Lelon
  • Ltec
  • Jun Fu
  • Fuhjyyu
  • Evercon
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