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View scroller-bottom.js
if($(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() > $(document).height() - <?php echo( s3_option('s3cc_fixed_trigger') == '' ? 100 : s3_option('s3cc_fixed_trigger') );?>) {
View Display number of Facebook fans in full text
If you have a Facebook page for your website or blog, you might want to display how many fans you have. This snippet will help you to get your Facebook fan count, in full text. Don’t forget to add your page ID on line 2.
View Detect browser

If your website is multilingual, it can be useful to detect the browser language to use this language as the default. The code below will return the language used by the client’s browser.

View Remove Microsoft Word HTML tags
When used, Microsoft Word creates lots of tags: font, span, style, class… These tags are useful inside Word itself, but when you paste a text from Word into a webpage, you’ll end up with lots of useless tags. Here’s a very handy function to remove all Word HTML tags.
View Download & save a remote image on your server
Downloading an image on a remote server and saving it on your own server is useful when building websites, and it’s also very easy to do. The two lines of code below will do it for you.
View Create Data URI’s
Data URI’s can be useful for embedding images into HTML/CSS/JS to save on HTTP requests. The following function will create a Data URI based on $file for easier embedding.
View Auto convert URL into clickable hyperlink
View Find All Links on a Page
View Extract keywords from a webpage
The title said it all: A great code snippet to easily extract meta keywords from any webpage.
View Find out if your email has been read
When sending emails, you might want to be able to find out if your email has been read. Here’s a very interesting snippet which log the IP address which read your email, as well as the actual date and time.