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Created Feb 21, 2022
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import Link from 'next/link';
import React, { FormEvent, useContext, useRef } from 'react';
import toast, { Toaster } from 'react-hot-toast';
import { addTask } from '../firebase/task.firestore';
import Task from '../models/Task';
import AuthContext from '../store/auth.context';
function NewTodo() {
const {user} = useContext(AuthContext);
let titleRef = useRef(null);
let descriptionRef = useRef(null);
let dueOnRef = useRef(null);
const minDate = new Date().getFullYear() + '-' + (`0${new Date().getMonth() + 1}`.slice(-2)) + '-' + (`0${(new Date().getDate())}`.slice(-2));
function newTask(event: FormEvent) {
const task : Task = {
title: titleRef?.current?.value,
description: descriptionRef?.current?.value,
complete: false,
createdAt: new Date(),
updatedAt: null,
dueAt: new Date(dueOnRef?.current?.value),
uidUser: user.uid,
if(task.title.length >= 5 && task.description.length >= 5) {
() => {
toast.success('Task Added', {
icon: '✅'
titleRef?.current?.value = '';
descriptionRef?.current?.value = '';
dueOnRef?.current?.value = '';
}else {
toast('An error occured in the form', {
icon: '⛔️'
return (
<div className='flex flex-col px-6 py-4 md:w-1/2 md:m-auto'>
<h3 className='mb-4 text-2xl font-semibold'>
New Task
<form className='flex flex-col' onSubmit={newTask}>
<label className='mb-2 text-[#383c43]' htmlFor="title">Title</label>
<input ref={titleRef} minLength={5} required={true} className='border border-[#404647] px-3 mb-4 h-12 outline-none' placeholder='Mention the title of your task.' type="text" name="title" id="title" />
<label className='mb-2 text-[#383c43]' htmlFor="description">Description</label>
<textarea ref={descriptionRef} minLength={5} required={true} className='border border-[#404647] p-3 outline-none border-3 resize-none mb-4' name="description" id="description" cols={25} rows={10} placeholder="Describe your task here, it's useful !">
<div className='flex'>
<label htmlFor='dueOn' className='mr-3'>Due On</label>
<input ref={dueOnRef} min={minDate} required={true} type="date" name="due" id="dueOn" className='border border-[#404647] px-3 mb-4 h-12 outline-none w-full' />
<button type={'submit'} className='py-3 bg-black text-white rounded-md mb-4'>Save</button>
<Link href={'/todo'}>
<a className='py-3 border rounded-md text-center'>
// Define default options
duration: 5000
export default NewTodo;
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