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Created February 21, 2022 19:13
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import { Player } from '@lottiefiles/react-lottie-player';
import Link from 'next/link';
import React from 'react';
function EmptyTodo({ tab }: any) {
return (
<div className='h-full flex flex-col justify-center items-center md:w-1/2 md:m-auto'>
style={{ height: '300px', width: '300px' }}
<p className='align-middle text-center mt-4 mb-6 px-6'>{tab.message}</p>
tab.title === 'In Progress' &&
<Link href="/todo/new-task">
<a className='h-12 w-52 flex items-center justify-center bg-black text-white rounded-md'>
<i className='bi bi-plus-lg mr-2'></i>
<span className='capitalize'>Add new task</span>
export default EmptyTodo;
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