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How to write verilog in macOS? #VHDL #Verilog

Software to use:

  1. terminal app - iverilog
  2. macOS waveform app - GTKWave

iverilog can be download using homebrew. $ brew install icarus-verilog GTKWave can be downloaded here:

To See Waveform in macOS for VHDL

  1. Use Terminal: $iverilog -o <fileName1.v> <fileName2.v> <fileName3.v> # you can add as many files as you want... $vvp

  2. Drag and Drop the generated .vcd file into GTKWave

Note the name of the .vcd file need to defined in the circuit file like, detail see reference [1]:

 initial begin
    //your test values
    #100 A=1'b1; B=1'b1; C=1'b1; 

Reference Blog: [1] Half Adder + Full Adder Blog: [2] [3] VHDL Logical: [4]

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