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A Few OpenGL Learning Resources

This notes is written by Sheldon. You can find me with #iOSBySheldon in Github, Youtube, Facebook, etc.


I have been working with OpenGL ES related stuff in iOS. With Metal taking over iOS GPU rendering, it seems not too smart to start learning if you are very new, however, regardless OpenGL, Metal, they are both doing the similar stuff, which is GPU grapical rendering. If you knew one, you will easily know the other.

This is not a tutorial, it is more like a reference book for myself and u the reader.


  1. GLKit Tutorials (Swift) Here
  2. Apply GL Distortions (Default shaders) Here

Concepts Related

  1. What is Image Texture Here
  2. Text Coordinates Here

OpenGL References

  1. Getting Started Here
  2. GLSL Data Types Here
  3. Functions

A lot of functions are matrix computation function that same as what we learned from the math class as their names.

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