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Last active August 3, 2022 23:39
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Setting up vsCode remote on AWS ec2 instance and connecting via ssh to desktop vsCode worked out pretty well, doing this.

Go to ec2 console

  • "Launch Instance"
  • Name:
  • Ami: Ubuntu in quickstart
    • Defaults are fine
  • Instance type:
    • t2.micro is free tier
  • Key pair:
    • Can create one (make sure to download and save)
      • Save to .ssh config or something
      • C:\Users\username.ssh\vscode-test-1.pem
    • Easier on second build to reuse existing keypair from first buil
  • Network settings:
    • Defaults
    • Firewall
      • Use existing is good
      • Create new "Create security group"
        • "Allow SSH traffic from" true, other allows false
        • Later may want to enable https for https
        • Do not enable http, don't worry about accessing dev servers on localhost.
        • For IP, "My IP" is best
  • Coinfigure storage
    • 24gb defaults
    • root value
  • Adavnced
    • ignore
  • Launch instance
    • Wait to launch
  • View all instances
  • Copy public IP of instance "Public IPv4 address"



Host VS vs-code-test
HostName <IP copied from console>
User ubuntu


Host vscode-test-1
   User ubuntu
   IdentityFile C:\Users\username\.ssh\vscode-test-1.pem
  • Save
  • Remote-SSH: Connect Current Window To Remote Host
  • Choose host
  • First time it will
    • ask you to confirm ssh fingerprint
    • Then will install and configure vscode server

If the path for key file is wrong, that will generate an error without connecting.

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