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Example code for cf_entry_limiter_entry_limit filter. See:
* Allow different field values of same field to have different limits when using Caldera Forms Entry Limitter
* Requires version 1.2.0 or later
add_filter( 'cf_entry_limiter_entry_limit', function( $limit, $entry, $field, $form ){
//IMPORTANT: Change fld_9970286 to your field's ID
if( 'fld_9970286' === $field[ 'ID' ] ){
//IMPORTANT: Use the field values (not labels) in these conditionals
//change max entries for frisbee to 10
if( 'frisbee' === $entry ){
$limit = 10;
}elseif ( 'video-games' === $entry ){
$limit = 10;
$limit = 12;
return $limit;
}, 10, 4 );
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