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CSS for changing Caldera Forms buttons (including submit button) color, width or centering the button.
/** Center the button (inside it's column) **/
.caldera-grid .btn {
display: block !important;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
/** Make button the full width of the column **/
.caldera-grid .btn {
/** Change Background color and text color **/
.caldera-grid .btn {
/** Change Background color and text color on hover **/
.caldera-grid .btn:hover {

Hi Shelob9,

I have written a website using the evolve theme in wordpress. I'm new to this!
I'm using Caldera forms on two pages. 'Book Now' and 'Gift Vouchers'
I'm trying to change the forms 'Book Now' and 'Buy Now' button colours to match the theme and have found this code which looks perfect.
The only trouble is I don't know how or where to insert it via wordpress.
I'm really hoping you can help me !

Many Thanks,


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