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A guide for configuring Keycloak as a authentication provider in WikiJS | | Feature request for adding this to the docs:

Feature request for adding this to the docs on


Keycloak is an Open Source Identity and Access Management solution for modern Applications and Services.

Relevant information


Create Keycloak strategy instance on WikiJS

  1. In the Administration area of your wiki, click on Authentication in the left navigation menu
  2. Click on + ADD STRATEGY, scroll down and select Keycloak
  3. Click Apply (Just to make sure the instance ID will not be regenerated if the page is reloaded. This produces an error in the logs, so it might display an error on the frontend too in the future. If so just skip this step and double check the ID when setting it up)
  4. Go to the bottom of the page and copy/note the Callback URL / Redirect URI
  5. We will fill out the rest after setting up the Keycloak client

Creating a Keycloak client

  1. At the Keycloak administration page, go to the Clients menu, and click Create button on the right
  2. Enter a Client ID, for example wikijs (You wil need the Client ID later)
  3. Select openid-connect as Client Protocol
  4. And Root URL is the base URL to Wikijs (for example
  5. Click Save
  6. Change Access Type to confidential
  7. Enter the Valid Redirect URIs, which is the Callback URL / Redirect URI from WikiJS (ex., or just the path /login/{GUID}/callback)
  8. Set Base URL to the same as Root URL
  9. Set Web Origins to +, which means to use the URIs in the Valid Redirect URIs entry.
  10. Now click Save at the bottom of the page
  11. Go to the Credentials tab and copy the Secret (You will need this one later too)

Configure the Keycloak strategy in Wiki.js

  1. If you're not already there. Go to the Administration area of your wiki, click on Authentication in the left navigation menu
  2. Click on Keycloak
  3. Enter the Host, which is the domain (incl. the scheme) of your Keycloak server (Example:
  4. Enter the Realm, which is the realm you are using in Keycloak (Default is: master)
  5. Enter the Client Id, which is the Client ID from Keycloak
  6. Enter the Client Secret, which is the Secret from Keycloak
  7. Enter the Authorization Endpoint URL, which is
  8. Enter the Token URL, which is
  9. Enter the User Info URL, which is
  10. If you want the user to be logged out of Keycloak when logging out of WikiJS, enable Logout from Keycloak on Logout
  11. Enter the Logout Endpoint URL, which is
  12. Check Allow self-registration to enable the Keycloak login button, and auto create users as they login for the first time.
  13. Remember to add a group with at least read permissions in the Assign to group list
  14. Click Apply in the top-left corner and try to login

Seamless login

If the login worked, you can enable Bypass Login Screen under the Security tab in the left navigation menu.
Make sure the Keycloak provider is at the top of the list in the Authentication tab.

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Did anyone get an error after setting everything up saying "Invalid scopes: openid profile email"? I can not seem to get pass this point.

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albert-a commented Jul 21, 2023

Thank you @xcojonny,

It seems that I had to activate the Allow Self-Registration even if I have that user in keycloak. I guess it does not link the existing Wiki local users with the keycloak users... thank you 👍

Thanks! It helped me too. It's interesting what is the use of disabled Self-Registration? User can authenticate but can't access wiki... What's the point?

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Hello @Sherex
I did keycloak to wiki js configuration perfectly. now i want sso feature! can you help me?

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Nox1669 commented Mar 20, 2024

I tried in keycloak version: 16.1.1 and it works with the same settings (the only difference is Access Type: confidential I don't have that in KC 20.0.3) and I've replaced API endpoints with the news ones (no /auth/). Any ideas? I am confused :)

Solved my issue. On the first try I tried use Keycloak using private IP I got a different error, so I did not know it worked without self-signed SSL (that is why I never tried again with private IP). After trying on KC 16 without self-signed SSL it worked. I added reject unauthorized: false into Linux node service as ENV and it works!

I have the same issue with Keycloak & WikiJs (last version).
It works fine in http but not in https.
Where/How do you configure "reject unauthorized:false", please ?

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