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Last active May 19, 2020
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Sileo native depiction notes.

These are all the classes recognized by Sileo at the time of posting (and the ones supported by Parcility's Kennel package:

DepictionStackView (possible edge cases. see: Packix footer for "nested," landscape set to true)

DepictionAutoStackView (pretty close to a DepictionStackView tbh, but has one new property. extends?)

DepictionTabView (Tabs. Can be within other tabs, although this is rare.)



DepictionMarkdownView (useRawHTML edge case. See: ShortLook's footer.)

DepictionLabelView (see: Packix; ignored by Saily)


DepictionSpacerView (a la <br>)

DepictionSeparatorView (a la <hr>)

DepictionHeaderView (bolded and big by default)

DepictionSubheaderView (unbolded and not as big by default)

DepictionButtonView (rare)

DepictionImageView (see: Sileo's depiction)

DepictionRatingView (see: YouRepo)

DepictionReviewView (almost never used)

DepictionWebView (for iframes. YouTube or Vimeo only.)



Other edge cases (that even Sileo is messing up with):

  • Nested depictions with depiction-https:// scheme.
  • Form links (only used by Dynastic, but is not implemented yet if I recall) with form-https:// scheme.
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