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My flair request message sent to /r/jailbreak. Posted for transparency.

Hello /r/jailbreak moderators,

My name is Shuga and I am interested in getting a developer/designer flair on /r/jailbreak (and /r/iOSThemes).

While I'm not strictly a tweak developer, I am a developer who is contributing to the community in various ways. I often offer support to others, help to maintain some of the documentation for Sileo's native depictions (disclaimer: I am not on the Sileo Team), and am working on a project to make creating "Sileo-ready" repos as simple as possible. I also make web apps for non-jailbroken devices, most notably fontPages (which allows for custom fonts in select productivity apps without a jailbreak) and the Eclipse emulator under Zenith, a team that also includes other developers who are active in the jailbreaking community such a S0n1c (creator of JBStatus) and Skittyblock (developer of Dune and SixLS).

I also have worked on some small themes such as Elementary and a "thing" that themes Substitute Safe mode. Both of these are available on a third-party repo, Shuga's Repo.

My website can be found here, my Twitter is @HeyItsShuga, and my Discord tag is @Shuga#5324. Feel free to contact me if you need any clarification or have any other questions.

Sorry if this seems overly lengthy and typing this out makes me realize that I probably included too much, but I trust your judgement in giving me an appropriate flair if you feel it's appropriate. I'm sure one or two of you mods already know (of) me, so this may be also redundant.

tl;dr: Shuga is requesting a developer/designer flair but really doesn't know what's the most appropriate.

Have a good day, - Shuga

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