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Eclipse Repos

Eclipse Repos


Repos for Eclipse are designed to make it easy to distribute your collection of ROMs to friends and family.

Due to legal reasons, distributing copyrighted ROMs is highly discouraged. Keep this in mind if you want to make a featured ROM.


Unmodified iGBA repos will not work with Eclipse. This is due to the enhancement of the repo system, including categories, multi-platform support, and a description. However, 1GamerDev has made a shim that will port iGBA skins to Eclipse with very little effort. It is availiable at

Defining Platforms

The system property in the game determines what system a ROM works with. As of now, the following platform strings are supported:

  • GBA
  • GBC
  • GB
  • NES

Descriptions and Categories

Descriptions can be used to put basic information on a repo, as well as any new updates. Please note that:

  • No HTML will be rendered

  • Newlines are not supported.

  • Any cleartext data has to go into the description field. For instance, putting update logs as ROMs is not encouraged.

Categories are up to you (the repo owner). Want a category to store GBA games? Release date? Regions? Competitions it was entered in? It's all acceptable!


Eclipse Repos

"reponame":"Repo Name",
"repoauthor":"Repo Author",
"repodesc":"This is an example Eclipse repo. It is pretty cool.",
"categoryname":"Category Name",
"name":"Game Name",
"boxart":"Game Boxart",

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NotRevealingMyName commented Feb 16, 2020

I wanna play pokemon stadium 2 but its not working i was clicking help but the help was not helping 😕 (im happy with it at least i can play pokemon games and im ios user)

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