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Last active Nov 13, 2017
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Greeter for the JavaScript console.
// Paste this into your JavaScript console. Seems to work in all browsers but Firefox.
console.log("%c_____%c Welcome to!%c\nHi, I'm Shuga. Given that you are in the JavaScript console, I assume you're into computers in some degree. If so, you should check out my Twitter (@HeyItsShuga) or my GitHub (@Shugabuga), as I have some content that might interest you (such as cybersecurity and programming).", "background-image:url('');font-size:45px;font-family:'Times New Roman';color:transparent", "font-family:'PT Sans Caption';font-size:48px", "font-family:'PT Sans Caption';font-size:16px")
// Inspired off of console.image by adriancooney and James Martindale's implementation, but no code is shared.
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