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Useful bookmarklets

Useful Bookmarklets

How to use:

Create a bookmark and replace URL with either of the listed codes

Easier: (google chrome)

  • Triple click to the whole thing
  • COPY!
  • Now hit [CTRL] + [D]
  • Hit edit
  • Tip: Use a short name for it, for it'll lack an icon
  • Paste in URL field
  • Save in bookmarks toolbar (keep it visible)

Google image search:

Open image in new window, hit the bookmark.


Current YouTube video's channel's videos as playlist

Open a youtube video, hit the bookmark.

javascript:{let{host,search}=location;host.match(/$/g)?((search.match(/&list=UL$/g)||(|index=/g)||[]).length===2)?alert('already a list?'):(search.match(/^\?v=/g)?location.href+='&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL':alert('is this a video?'))):alert('is this youtube?')}

IQDB (search for anime images)

Open image in new window, hit the bookmark.

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