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Created May 1, 2019
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Do memory diffing on specific block sizes
import struct
import sys
def diffing(oldbuff, newbuff, op):
offsets = set()
for i in range(0, min(len(oldbuff), len(newbuff))):
if op(oldbuff[i], newbuff[i]):
return offsets
def alignbuff(buff, blksize):
""" Aligns a buffer on a blocksize and returns a list of values """
pattern = {
1: 'B',
2: 'H',
4: 'I'
if len(buff) % blksize != 0:
buff = buff[:-(len(buff) % blksize)]
count = len(buff) // blksize
fmt = '<' + str(count) + pattern[blksize]
return struct.unpack(fmt, buff)
def main():
if len(sys.argv) < 5:
print("usage: memdiff (8/16/32) 'pattern' file1 file2 ...")
size = sys.argv[1]
pattern = sys.argv[2]
files = sys.argv[3:]
if size not in ["8", "16", "32"]:
print("Invalid size: {}".format(size))
bytesize = int(size) // 8
if len(pattern) != len(files)-1:
print("Pattern has a wrong size of {}. Should be {}".format(len(pattern), len(files)-1))
cmpmap = {
'+': lambda o, n: o < n,
'-': lambda o, n: o > n,
'=': lambda o, n: o == n
cur_offsets = None # Contains the currently active values after the search
offsets_lst = {} # Contains the offset, and the chain of changed values
for i, p in enumerate(pattern):
if p not in cmpmap:
print("invalid pattern char '{}'. Should be either '+' or '-'".format(p))
oldfile = files[i]
newfile = files[i+1]
oldbytes = open(oldfile, "rb").read()
oldbytes = alignbuff(oldbytes, bytesize)
newbytes = open(newfile, "rb").read()
newbytes = alignbuff(newbytes, bytesize)
offsets = diffing(oldbytes, newbytes, cmpmap[p])
if cur_offsets is None:
# When we have the first run we simply copy offsets
cur_offsets = set()
for o in offsets:
offsets_lst[o] = [oldbytes[o]]
# If we already have existing offsets we do the union
cur_offsets = cur_offsets.intersection(offsets)
# Now we fill our offset_lst with the new entries
for o in cur_offsets:
newe = newbytes[o]
for o in cur_offsets:
values = " -> ".join(map(lambda a: "0x{:08x}".format(a), offsets_lst[o]))
print("0x{:08x} : {}".format(o*bytesize, values))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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