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Created Oct 30, 2019
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/* Just a simple crackme.
* For compile this crackme, download the CCS tool from:
* And run:
* $ gcc `./ccs crackme00.c` -o crackme00
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
void cputs(char *string, bool brk);
int cstrcmp(char *string, char *cipher);
int main(void)
char password[65];
cputs(_E("Don't patch it!"), true);
cputs(_E("Insert your password: "), false);
scanf("%64[^\n]", password);
if ( !cstrcmp(password, _E("ccs-passwd44")) )
cputs(_E("Correct!"), true);
cputs(_E("Wrong!"), true);
return 0;
void cputs(char *string, bool brk)
char buffer[256];
strcpy(buffer, string);
if (brk)
fputs(buffer, stdout);
int cstrcmp(char *string, char *cipher)
int c = cchar(cipher);
while (*string && c && *string++ == c) {
c = cchar(NULL);
return !( !c && !*string );
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